Why Would You Choose the API 5L X70 Line Pipe for Numerous Applications?

In the oil & gas and petroleum sectors, API 5L X70 Line Pipe is a particular kind of steel pipe that is widely used. Usually, this sort of pipe is utilized for transporting fluids among locations, such as crude oil, natural gas, and petroleum products. While it is often composed of reinforced steel, this type of pipe is capable of withstanding the high pressures and temperatures that are usual in these sectors of the economy.

The most prevalent standard for line pipes, known as API 5L, covers welded steel pipes intended to transport fuel, water, and oil in the petroleum and natural gas sectors. Numerous grades of line pipes can be provided, as per ISO 3183, “Petroleum and Natural Gas Industries-Steel Pipe for Pipelines-Technical Delivery Conditions,” including X60 or L415; L175 or A25; L210 or A; L290 or X42; L360 or X52; or L210 or A, and X65 or l450 GR.B.

In many different kinds of industries, including textile, dairy, oil and gas, petrochemical, sugar and paper, chemical and fertilizers, engineering, and power generation, API 5L grade x70 PSL2 pipes can be used as fluid pipes, water pipes, line pipes, steel for construction tubes and piling tubes.


Tianjin United Steel Pipe Co., Ltd (TUSPIPE) has been centered on manufacturing line pipes of superior quality since 1998. With an annual capacity for production of over 500,000 tons per year, the organization covers a broad spectrum of subjects and industries, which includes oil and gas plundering and gearbox, ship and car construction, water and power, safeguarding the environment, mechanical design, the construction of infrastructure, and others as well.

TUSPIPE aspires to offer high-quality products while carrying out extensive product quality control. In order to guarantee high product quality, the organization has operated a Test & Inspection Centre since 2004. The test and inspection center has been fitted with a number of innovative inspection and assessment methods that allow it to execute tensile tests, hydrodynamic tests, impact tests, DWTT, etc.

Certain Coatings for Line Pipe

Three Layer Polyethylene Coating

One type of outstanding performance anticorrosion coating is made of three layers of polyethylene (3PE). It incorporates the benefits of PE coating with PE coating with two layers. The main preventative substance is an FBE. Usually gets used to safeguard FBE against mechanical damage since it is successful at resisting penetration by water.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating

A high-grade coating with multiple benefits is fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE), especially for projects requiring the construction of pipelines. It has outstanding properties for chemical media corrosion, temperature, catholic peel, aging, and ground resistance to stress, among additional characteristics, and good pressure pipe adhesion.

Silicon Anti-Corrosion Coating

Aluminum silicate fiber cloth waterproof layer, steel sleeve, hard silicon calcium tile insulation layer, galvanized iron wire strengthening layer, silicone, and titanium aluminum alloy coating surfaces.

Three Layer Polypropylene Coating

The foundation epoxy powder layer, the center a binder layer, and the polypropylene (PP) jacket’s upper layer make up the polypropylene with three layers coating (3PP). The 3PP significantly improves the temperature performance operation of the 3PE while maintaining all of its advantages. The 3PP coating a fantastic choice for use in chemical processing plants or additional industrial uses.

Internal Coating

A paint system is applied to the interior wall of the steel pipelines as part of the interior coating process. Interior steel pipeline coatings play an important role in minimizing rusting of the steel. The underside coating’s primary function is to offer protection against erosion. For the purpose of doing this, the coating material is applied with water onto the pipes’ inner surface.

Last Wording

From API L5 70X PSL1 carbon steel pipe suppliers, you may get PSL1 and PSL2 carbon steel pipes. Steel pipe constructed from is incombustible. Due to its outstanding corrosion resistance, X70 Line Pipe is not only able to withstand corrosion even in challenging climates but is also a good choice for applications involving corrosive service.



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