Why is the Electric Car Charging Pile Series Essential for Widespread EV Adoption?

In the dynamic environment of electric vehicles (EVs), the challenges of charging infrastructure, slow charging, and poor user experience have hindered the widespread adoption of this sustainable mode of transportation. In response, a groundbreaking initiative emerged: the Electric Car Charging Pile Series. This transformative approach focuses on enhancing the charging power, providing fast energy replenishment, and addressing the critical issues electric vehicle users face.

In this article, we explore the Electric Car Charging Pile Series and more info delve into its key advantages that promise to redefine the electric vehicle charging experience. As the automotive industry charts its course towards a more sustainable future, innovations like the Electric Car Charging Pile Series mark a significant step forward in shaping the settings of electric mobility.

How To Addressing the Challenges?

The journey begins with acknowledging the difficulties users face in charging, along with slow charging times and an unsatisfactory user experience. The core strategy employed by the Electric Car Charging Pile Series is the significant increase in the voltage and current of charging piles, aiming to meet users’ demands for efficient energy replenishment and flexible range extension. This innovative approach seeks to reshape the current electric vehicle charging ecosystem by tackling issues such as slow charging and inadequate charging infrastructure.

Super Power Charging Experience

At the heart of the Electric Car Charging Pile Series is a commitment to providing a superior charging experience. Technological innovations in core components, including self-developed liquid-cooled power modules, liquid-cooled charging gun wires, and advanced thermal management systems, enable ultra-high-power charging.

This breakthrough results in speedy charging times, setting a new standard for user convenience and efficiency in electric vehicle charging. The series introduces a new liquid cooling circulation system that enhances the protection level of the charging pile.

This system ensures an ultra-long warranty life for the high-speed charging pile by isolating the internal environment from external factors. This not only instills confidence in users but also contributes significantly to the overall sustainability of the electric vehicle ecosystem.

Ultra Low Operation, Maintenance, Environmental Friendly

Leveraging technologies such as remote diagnosis, charging big data analysis, and over-the-air (OTA) updates, the Electric Car Charging Pile Series slashes the operation and maintenance costs associated with high-speed charging piles. This strategic integration of advanced technical solutions not only improves accessibility but also enhances the economic feasibility of widespread electric vehicle adoption.

Developed in strict accordance with vehicle regulations and subjected to rigorous environmental testing, including Flame Mountain Summer Calibration Test and Hailar Winter Calibration Test, the Electric Car Charging Pile Series boasts superior environmental adaptability. This ensures reliability and functionality in diverse environmental conditions, addressing concerns related to extreme weather and varied climates.

Ultra-fast Liquid-cooled Charging Platform – HPC:

The Electric Car Charging Pile Series introduces the High Power Charging (HPC) platform, featuring the world’s first mass-produced 600kW liquid-cooled supercharging piles. This platform offers a high-speed charging experience with a second-version product boasting 600kW power, allowing a 5-minute charge to extend the range by an impressive 300km. The first version of the product, a liquid-cooled 360kW high power charging pile, extends the range by 120km in just 5 minutes.

Building upon the success of the HPC system, the Electric Car Charging Pile Series presents the Liquid-cooled Supercharging Platform – GPC. This system excels in four key aspects – High Power, High Intelligence, High Compatibility, and High Expansion.

With a maximum output capacity supporting 600kW and intelligent distribution capabilities, this platform ensures compatibility with national standard gun cabinets, offering a modular design for rapid power expansion and gun cabinet modification.

The Electric Car Charging Pile Series goes beyond innovation by providing comprehensive solutions for the electric vehicle charging infrastructure industry chain. Tailored solutions cater to charging operators, highways, parks, and buildings, as well as homes and privately owned buildings.

With coverage in over 100 cities nationwide, the series has deployed charging equipment across 300+ charging stations and 1000+ parking spaces. The accumulated statistics reflect the success of the series, with over 2 million user energy replenishments and a total of over 150 million kWh of electricity charged.


The Electric Car Charging Pile Series emerges as a game-changer in electric mobility. By addressing the challenges of slow charging, inadequate infrastructure, and poor user experiences, this series ushers in a new era of efficient, fast, and user-friendly electric vehicle charging. The integration of cutting-edge technologies, coupled with a commitment to sustainability and reliability, positions the Electric Car Charging Pile Series as a pivotal player in driving the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.



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