Tell If Your Pup’s Feeling Too Hot in Their K9 Tactical Vest

Making sure your furry sidekick stays cool and comfy when rocking their K9 tactical vest is a big deal. Since dogs can’t talk, it’s up to us to decode their signals when they might be getting a tad too toasty in their K9 tactical gear.


Here’s a handy guide to help you spot the signs:

Heavy Breathing

One of the first hints that your dog might be feeling the heat is when they start panting like they’re in a marathon. If the painting is fast and doesn’t chill out, that’s a red flag.

Slobber Overload

Overheated dogs can be drool machines. If your dog’s mouth is suddenly Niagara Falls and their drool is stickier than usual, it’s a clear sign something’s up.

Doggy Drowsiness

If your four-legged friend is acting more like a snooze-button champ than their usual bouncy self, it’s a clue that they’re not loving the heat.

Temperature Check

Put your detective skills to work and check their body temperature. A dog’s normal temperature is around 99.5°F to 102.5°F (37.5°C to 39.2°C). If it’s hotter than that, consider it a heatwave warning.

Gums Tell a Tale

Peek inside your dog’s mouth at their gums. Normally, they should sport a healthy pink hue. If they’ve gone cherry red or ghostly pale, that’s a sign of heat stress.

Gum Texture

Feel those gums too! If they’re dry or sticky to the touch, it’s a sign that your pup is in need of some hydration ASAP.

Speedy Heartbeat

Place your hand on your dog’s chest, right behind their front legs, to feel their heartbeat. A faster-than-normal rate might be your dog’s way of saying, “It’s hot here!”

Shade and Water Seeker

If your dog is constantly on the hunt for shade or a water source while wearing the vest, they’re giving you a clear message: they’re trying to cool down.

Fidgety or Fussy

Watch for signs of restlessness, pacing, or general fussiness. Your dog might be trying to tell you something’s off without saying a word.

Scratch and rub

Does your dog suddenly act like they’re in a scratching contest or rubbing up against anything they can find? That could be their way of dealing with the discomfort of heat.

Tummy Troubles

In severe cases of overheating, dogs may throw up or have an upset stomach. If that happens, it’s time for a vet visit.

Collapse or unconsciousness

Heatstroke is no joke and can lead to your dog collapsing or even passing out. If you suspect this, drop everything and get them to the vet immediately.


Keeping your K9 as cool as a cucumber is a must. Make sure their vest has good airflow and keeps them hydrated. If you spot any of these signs, take off the vest and give your pup a shady, comfy spot to chill out.

If things seem serious, don’t hesitate to call your vet. Heat issues can be serious business, and your dog’s health should always come first.



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