Packaging Materials And Their Types

If you are thinking about entering the world of packaging, then there are so many things to learn and consider before that. One of the things that should be considered during this time is selecting the right packaging for the product.

Before choosing the right packaging for your product, you have to decide which type of material you want to pack. It can be grains, cans, boxes, water bottles, food items, pharmaceuticals, or any electronic product. But the use of material for their packaging is most important. As every packaging material is not suitable for every product.

The packaging material can be made up of plastic, cardboard, shrink film, clamshells, or bio-plastics. After exploring these things, you can choose the best material for the packaging of your products.

Below are the different types of materials for packaging. You can look among these and find out the most suitable material for your product packaging. Also, click here to get more in-depth details about the packaging machines and materials.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated boxes are most widely used in the packaging industry. And are used on packaging lines for packing products in tons. Case erectors is a machinery that is used to make corrugated boxes from flat cardboard. After the formation of cardboard in the shape of the box, they are shipped to various industries for their packaging applications.

Stretch film

The second most common material after corrugated boxes is stretch film. any company having a shipping department almost always uses stretch film. stretch film protects the product from damage or collapsing during the shipment process. Pallets are made by using this stretch film so handling can be made easy and time-saving.

Some of the methods for stretch wrap materials based on specific applications are:

  • Machine stretch
  • Vented stretch
  • VCI stretch
  • UVI stretch
  • No cling stretch
  • Hand stretch
  • Color stretch

Using the wrong type of stretch film may result in the contamination of the product. And your product might be left unsafe because of poorly wrapped pallets. Companies and brands use stretch film for making multi-packs of their products like a crate of water bottles and toilet paper packs.

Shrink film tubing

Shrink film tubing is a kind of plastic tubing material. It is generally rolled onto a core. It can be made in customizable sizes and lengths. But normally standard sizes are available in the market. Shrink film tubing is also known as poly tubing, heat seal tubing, and high-speed tubing. Your brand logo and graphics can be easily printed on shrink film tubing.


Most of the poly bags are made up of transparent or clear material. Consumer products are most commonly shipped in polybags. The most popular material for the production of polybags is polyethylene. The average thickness of a polybag is 1 to 6 mils. Their popularity in packaging is due to the fact that they are reflective, flexible, smooth, and transparent.

Shrink bands

It is also known as a seal band as it forms a protective layer on your products. Shrink bands are used for the caps of bottles and are pre-made for usage. They are placed over the container’s cap that needs to be sealed, and a heat gun is used to shrink the ring in a uniform way around the lid.



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