How to Choose the Right Garage Door Springs – In-Depth Guide

Garage door springs are undeniably unsung heroes as they play a vital role in the opening and closing mechanisms of the door. We all know that the garage door “opener” makes the upward and downward motion pleasant, but the springs close and open the door.

Getting the right garage door spring is essential if you don’t want the springs of your door to wear out quickly. If you don’t know the springs, you have two options. First, get professional help, or second, search and find the perfect one buys yourself.

If you want to know how to choose the right spring for your garage door, continue reading because this selection guide we have mentioned below will help you make the right choice.

Types of Garage Door Spring

Before we start our guide, it is important to know the type of the garage door spring is of two types:

  • Extension Springs
  • Torsion Springs

Extension Springs – These garage door springs are long and light-weighted. These springs are usually mounted above the door tracks in a horizontal run perpendicular to the garage door.

Torsion Springs – These springs are stiff and well mounted to the rod installed parallel to the garage door. This type of garage door sits against the wall over the door. They store enough energy to facilitate the door by uncoiling and releasing the energy.

Selecting the Right Garage Door Springs – Things to Consider

Now you know a little bit about the type of door springs, it’s time to identify the right one for your garage door.

· Check the Wind Direction

From inside of your garage, check out the door springs. Most garage doors are designed using two springs separated by a divider placed in the middle commonly.

The spring with clockwise endpoints is a left-wound spring, while those whose endpoints are in an anticlockwise direction are known as right-wound springs.

· Measure the Overall Length

For making the right choice for the garage spring, measure the overall length from one end to the other of the spring. Getting the perfect length determines the winding capacity of the garage door springs.

· Measure the Inside Diameter

One of the most vital components to consider while buying the spring for your garage door is the diameter of the spring. Checking the diameter is easy as most garage doors have diameter measurements engraved on them.

· Determine the Wire Size

The most important thing to check when selecting the right spring is to measure the wire’s size. You can use tape to measure the distinct distance between 10-20 coils. When you measure the wire, compare them to a standard wire size chart.

Identify the Color-Coding of the Spring

You can use another easy process to check dimensions and check its color coding, which will surely help you buy the right spring. Almost all the garage door springs boast a distinct strip on them.


We hope this guide will help you find the perfect spring for your garage door. Make sure to check the length and size of the spring so you can find them easy to install. Getting the right spring makes your door durable and easy to function.



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